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West Nile Virus

Killer outbreak – Emerging disease

Tele-epidemiology is an area of epidemiology which is related with spatial systems like GIS and Remote sensing that can be used for studying spatio-temporal distribution of diseases. This can be used to study human and animal epidemics, the spread of which is correlated to environmental factors.

By combining various data originated from satellites along with GIS data and clinical data from humans and animals, predictive models can be constructed. This  area of epidemiology is also very useful in the study of recent outbreak of  West Nile virus in the state of Texas.

  • Hotspot analysis indicates place vulnerability and reveals the presence of a statistically significant grouping of cases. It also indicates the area of probable virus introduction.
  • Tele-epidemiological models aid in rapid entry point identification and spatial prediction of human risk of infection for introduced vector-borne pathogens using cost effective tools. They are useful for fighting future disease outbreak by allocating sufficient resources in the hot-spot regions.

Environment and GIS professional

I am an Environmental GIS analyst with a vision  of sustainable development using optimal solutions. I have an enriching experience in various sectors like development, environment and GIS.Currently I am pursuing doctoral  degree in Environmental science and my research area is infectious disease modeling using GIS and Remote sensing technology. I have developed a GIS epidemiological model for predicting ‘West Nile Virus’. In my research I have utilized different environmental variables to predict the habitat of infected mosquitoes as well as to predict the hot-spot regions of this emerging vector borne disease.

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